Thursday, 24 January 2008


It has been a tradition for Atie to circulate text messages to close friends and relatives reminding them not to forget to make ‘extra prayers and doas’ for us during exams… especially this time around… “the MSc examination”. There were replied messages from Jep, Makyut, Moon, Kak Riana and few relatives. And one of them was a replied message from my aunt, Mak Ngah Lin. From the start, she was really supportive and always been one of the closest aunts to us, one that you could talk about everything... and that certainly includes guy’s matters...
Her message was...

“Assalamualaikum my dearest… not to worry, be calm. InsyaAllah everything will turn out fine n perfect… Mak Ngah berdoa that both of you get thru successfully… I’ve faith in you… go girls you can do it!! Yes! You can!! InsyaAllah! Do take care n love ya!.. Wasalam.”

After reading their messages, I automatically felt that how it sought to influence ones moods by giving them such courage at a very crucial time, time where most supports are needed... thank you dear friends and relatives... I really mean it… thank you so much guys!

Now the exams are all over, I think I need to carry on with my day-light-living. For the past few weeks, I have only slept for 3 to 4 hours per day and mostly did my work during night time. Don’t get me wrong, not that I studied all day, it’s just that I was afraid that I might wake up late than I supposed to or even worst, waking up regretting that I should have finished studying all of the syllabus if I didn't sleep, so I decided to do things that won’t let me fall asleep such as talking to friends on really un-sleepy topics... n etc

All through last semester was really hectic, I was busy preparing for presentations, lab reports and also not to forget, the most horrified task of all my entire student life, was to write a business report, yes, a business report! well... actually it was two, one for electricity market and another for regulation’s course, which I have never thought I could write one, me, an engineering student writing a business report? The world must be near to an end! Everything went well though... and I even received the highest mark in the class for my regulation’s report, well actually my group did (Thanks Aidil, Jali and Vivek!), thus making my study week a really chaotic one. I was very tired till I felt that both my eyes were liked to pop out from their sockets and my bones were about to squash my flesh.

There’s no way I’m going through this hell again, so for the second semester, which will start at the very beginning of next week, I have decided to manage time more efficiently and be more diligent. I have also decided to take subjects that will give benefits to me in the terms of my newly-mission-of time management, and I also will arranged my classes well, so that I could have one or two days free, in order for me to write reports or just to hang out, and most importantly subjects that are related to my project’s topic, the "Adaptive controls for micro grid operation under small and large disturbances"...
As always, I probably will go on a short vacation just for one or two days to Edinburgh, with my sister and another classmate but nothing has been decided yet… in a mean time, I will continue lazying around my house... Assolatuqairumminannaum...............

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


About half four this evening I received a text message from Kak Intan reminding me to not forget to recite doa that symbolise the ending and starting of Muslim year. I could still remember how my dad made all four of us, both of my brothers, my sister and me, went to mosque to recite this doa back home. The meaning of this doa really touched my heart and it always reminds me to make a really good new year wishes and try to accomplish them. Let us have a really good look at the meaning of this meaningful doa…

“Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang, segala puji-pujian bagi Allah Pentadbir sekalian alam, selawat dan salam ke atas semulia-mulia Nabi dan Rasul iaitu penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan di atas keluarganya dan para sahabatnya sekalian. Ya Allah! Engkaulah yang kekal, qadim lagi azali dan di atas kelebihan Engkau yang besar dan kemurahan Engkau yang melimpah dan ini adalah tahun baru yang sesungguhnya telah mendatangi kami, kami memohon kepada Engkau pemeliharaan padanya daripada syaitan yang direjam, pembantu-pembantunya dan tentera-tenteranya dan kami memohon pertolongan di atas nafsu yang banyak mendorong kepada kejahatan dan kami memohon kepada Engkau bagi melakukan sebarang pekerjaan yang boleh mendekatkan diri kami kepada Engkau. Ya Allah! Tuhan yang mengubahkan segala keadaan, ubahkanlah keadaan kami kepada sebaik-baik keadaan dengan kekuasaan dan kekuatan Engkau wahai Tuhan yang mengerasi lagi Maha Tinggi.

Wahai Tuhan kami! Kurniakanlah kepada kami kebahagiaan di dunia dan kebahagiaan di akhirat dan peliharalah kami akan azab api neraka”


Monday, 7 January 2008


- simply melepak -
- swing...swing -
- a week old -

Yes, by looking at those photos people would know right away that I have a twin sister. Yes again, we have never been separated, not once. Well at least not yet. What can I do, I love her so much!

Before we were born, mum and dad did not expect us to be twin but they were incidents during her pregnancy that they keep repeatedly telling me and my sister about. It’s really funny though... how my dad felt the motorcycle was really heavy when climbing up Bukit Baru in Penang compared to her first pregnancy...she was not as heavy as this time around... and how she didn’t experience any morning sicknesses or wanting to eat weird and unnecessary foods or anything, but my dad was like half dead having morning sicknesses, funny isn't it? and mymum would say ' Anak abah la katakan!' ...heee

One reason why my mum didn’t feel like she was carrying us because her baby bump was really small and there’s no other unpredicted difficulties during her pregnancy and plus my mum went to check to two doctors and yet there was nothing they had realised. My mum told me that we were very small and tiny when we were born and she had no complication while giving birth to us. She even said that it was easier giving birth to us compared to my other two brothers. Owh! How I love her.

We were born in my grandma’s house in Penang and that bidan, Mak Munah, told my mum that we would bring my family’s luck and rezeki... how sweet... Mak Munah until now keeps asking my mum how we are and she keeps telling her that she missed us especially during Ramadhan... How I missed her as well. She would kiss me and my sister repeatedly and hug us every time we had come across her. Well what can I say; I’m a little bit famous back home...:)

Back home people would call us anak semilai or simply atiani. Why? It’s simply because ikan semilai are all alike and atiani is simply combination of both of our nicknames, ati for Yatie and ani for Yanie. This is due to the reason that people cannot differentiate us... so they end up calling us with such cute names... We are not really totally alike and our behaviours are definitely different. Close friends would know right away which is which. As for my sister, she's a little bit friendlier than me and her character is lively. Me? I’m totally different from her and the only thing we've shared is our interest and blood & DNA of course. We love travelling and always involve in extreme outdoors activities; hiking and that involve mountain climbing, swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping and REMPITing :)... we've got this from my dad...except for the rempit thing...he's such a nature lover...

My mum and dad really and totally understand us. If we ever needed to go out while they weren't home, all we need to do was just left some notes telling them where we are going patched onto the fridge. As simple as that. They would know exactly with whom we went out with (obviously with Makyut and Jep) and they would be expecting us to come home at night... because that's what we always do. They seem easy on us, right? I once felt really depressed because of this... it was when I asked them if they would allow me to go study abroad, my mum simply said that as long as I know how to take care of my self, she would definitely allow it. I was so happy but then... when I talk to my friends they told me that their mum didn't allow them to go simply because they were worried that things might turn out to be the other way I went back to ask my mum wanting her to explain why she was so easy on letting me abroad... She calmly said that she trust me and believe that I would never involve with bad things... and she added that she knew that I would protect my solah and also I didn’t involve with men... back home and if I do, she knows I would know the limit. I was touched and amazed that my mum trusted me to such level. I would rather not disappoint her in such matters. Once again when I told her I would want to continue my study to PHD level and might probably get married a little bit late or might not at all, she simply said that it’s all about jodoh and as long as I don’t get involve with other women’s hubby, she would be okay. That’s simply is my mum... My dad? Ever heard of a good woman for a great guy? :) There you go... you've got the answer already... Love them so much... Miss them so much...


Friday, 4 January 2008

MASEHI: 2008 & HIJRAH: 1428

To myself:
I really wish that this would be my last study week before examination…though I don’t really know what might come to me in the nearest future and I really do hope that I might be able to perform hajj and gain my highest degree before my 30th birthday...

I love both of you very much and really hope that this year I would be able to kiss both your hands and ask for forgiveness... and may Allah bless our family with great future ahead of us.

I really hope that we would never be separated now, in the future and life afterwards. I also wish that we would be able to paint our future with a very bright colour.

I hope that you would reconsider your plan and won’t get married this year because I really want to spend more time with you and our family more than before.

I really wish and always pray that you would like me more than before and pray that your SPM result would be as great as you predicted it would be. And also may your future, on earth and life afterwards, be blessed.

I love you both and may our friendship last forever and I also hope that we would be able to be with each other in the Jannah. Thank you for everything... for helping me all this time especially for all the solat hajat & doa...

To my family:
To all my family in Penang, Tapah and Rawang, may 2008 be a great year for all of us and please pray that both of us could return safely this year eventhough it's just for a while...

To Mr H:
Thanks for being such a great friend... makan nasik minyak jgn lupa I okay...

To Malaysian Gang:
Though I've only got few friends in Malaysia, I really do hope that all of them would be in good shape so that I would be able to see them once I return.

To Glaswegian Gang:
Love all of you so much. Thank you and sorry for all the troubles I’ve put all of you through. Wish that all of us could keep in contact eventhough we are no longer the Glaswegian gang.

To UK Gang:
To all of Malaysian or non-Malaysian friends in the UK, I hope that this year would bring us lots of happiness and may Allah bless our lives.

To my other half:
I always pray for your happiness and may Allah help us in finding each other & whoever you are, I really do hope that you would take care of yourself and always return to Allah in everything you do.