Wednesday, 25 June 2008

O Lord...

“ O God, Thou art my stores when I sorrow, Thou art my recourse when I am deprived, from Thee I seek aid when troubled and with Thee is a substitute for everything gone by, a correction for everything corrupted, and a change from everything Thou dissaprovest”

“O Allah, Tempt me not to seek help from other than Thee when I am distressed, to humble myself in asking from someone else when I am poor, or to plead with someone less than Thee when I fear”

Monday, 2 June 2008


Dear Pakcik,

It’s your birthday today. Happy 29th birthday!

Hope you had enjoy your life till this very second and achieved what you always wanted in life or maybe you could do even better in your life ahead. Thank you for being such a great friend. Have anyone told you how wonderful you are? I bet there’s plenty! Couldn’t aspect more and shouldn’t aspect more than what we have had till this very moment. Knowing you in these past few months has opened my eyes to your very distinct species and has made me narrowed down all characteristics for good and bad guys and even looking at mineral water bottle won’t be the same after this.

In this opportunity, I would like to apologise for always making you mad at me, for always finding ways to talk back and condemned to every single word you said, for always being late when meeting you, for always asking you with my weird sort of pain in the head type of questions, for always finding ways to step on your shoes and for all other things that I have done to suffer you enough throughout this time, I’m simply sorry.

While I’m writing this blog I realised that being an adult meaning that I would have to endure the pain of losing good friends. I once felt terribly hard to go on with life when facing the fact that Ang is not going to be here with me anymore. Though we have always chat and email each other most of the time but having each other side by side is more what I needed than just a phone call or an email. Thinking about losing another one is already hurting me but I do realise that the time will come. No matter how hard I refused to acknowledge it, it will definitely be there. As time past on, I have eventually able to stand on my own and everything seemed to fall into place. And I know I will be even better this time around.

Yeah, you might say it’s not like I can’t and won’t be able to meet you again. But will it be the same? Bet it won’t be! I can’t just step on your shoes like I always do right after not seeing each other for 3 years? or laugh crazily at what ever you are saying... or even condemned your new hairdo, can I? Or maybe I could! Anyway, life must goes on. No matter what the journey will look like in the future, I must preserve. I can’t just rely on anybody. So Pakcik, don’t worry about me. I’ll be perfectly fine and as you once described me… “kau nih ganas sangat larr!”. Thus I’m sure with my ‘ganas’ ability, I’ll be okay.

Once again, I wish you all the best and I hope your journey to France is going to be great… “So enjoy yer trip to Eiffel, mate!” (in scotts accent!)

My life ends when losing you but it will definitely shines back once I get your wedding invitation card... After all, as I always say to you, we are natural born enemies. Perhaps I could use some of the photos at Skye to sabotage you... huhu... What? Do you think I would praised you for nothing huh! And last but not least, I would take back all good things I have said above about you. Why? After all we are enemies. I can’t just praise my enemy, can I? wakakakaa :P